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Warwick Buildings

A company that owns it's own production site, and has been around since 1988, Warwick Buildings have been involved in the garden office market since the outset. The philosophy is designed around a modular design, as the company also manufactures timber garages, workrooms and stables. Stumbling on a unique construction method has allowed them to be far ahead of their natural competitors, and has taken them to being a serious player in the insulated garden room field. Providing you accept a modular design, you can be creative with the online configurator, and can get both an attractive building and an attractive price. As you can see on the buyers guide, Warwick Buildings are rated the highest for quality. 



Warwick Buildings base their business on offering the customer an outstanding product at a fair price. The have remained loyal to their suppliers since the outset, as they feel it is most important that good relationships are maintained - this philosophy also reflects how they feel about their customers, as they take pride in providing excellent service and value for money.  


The future of the Garden Office industry looks bright, and the company have created an outstanding indoor show centre to display their buildings in addition to the existing outdoor show centre. By investing in the infrastructure, the company provides sustainability for staff, and the local community. Steady planned growth will allow new staff to be trained correctly, which will ensure the skill level remains at the highest level throughout whole process.

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