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Smart Garden Offices

The original garden office manufacturer was a company called Henley Garden Offices. Also located in Suffolk, there was a split between the two directors in the late 90's so that Smart Garden Offices was born. Deciding to leave Henley with the curved roof cabin design, Smart decided to focus on traditional pitched roof designs, which were more popular at the time. The more contemporary designs came when the 2.5m high planning rule came into force, whereby the Ultra design came to fruition. The original director has since moved on following an issue with the Zedbox design, however the company has recently added an indoor showroom as the demand for garden buildings mushroomed during the pandemic. 



Smart Garden Offices focus on a modular design, so that the construction is done at the factory, and assembly on site is kept to a minimum. This saves the customer considerable time and money, but compromises on the external appearance, as sections will require joining strips. In terms of value for money, the modular design outstrips the on site build companies, however it requires the customer to make all the decisions prior to build, rather than change their minds on the day. 


Smart Garden Offices are in the top three garden office manufacturers, along with Green Retreats and Warwick Buildings. They employ around 25 to 30 people and focus on offering a wide variety of designs, and provide the customer a wide choice using the online configurator.   

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